Sorority Tank Tops

Look And Feel Cool In Our Sorority Tank Tops With Greek Letters

We know that when the warmer weather rolls around, there is nothing like showing off your arms and feeling the warm sunshine! We have so many fantastic Greek tank tops to choose and your sorority letters will be like the icing on the cake.

Taking that special spring break or summer trip with the girls....maybe with your sorority family? Your warm weather trip will not be complete unless you have matching tanks with your sorority family fabric. Every picture you take will be a winner with your custom sorority tank tops and you better tag us so that you can be featured on our Instagram page!

Did you know that tank tops actually evolved from bathing "tanks" of the 1920's! Aren't we all so happy that our bathing suits no longer look like they did back then? We are happy, though, that the tank tops evolved from that and enjoy the warm weather so that we can pull them out!

Looking for a fit to show off your physique and figure that you have been working so hard on all winter? Try our fitted Greek tank tops and enjoy the sun in style! Looking for something more relaxed so that you can hang out at the beach or pool? Throw on a Comfort Colors unisex tank and enjoy relaxing.

There are so many custom sorority tank tops to choose from at JennaBenna and using our exclusive fabrics for your sorority letters means you will be the hottest girl out in the sun this summer!

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