Greek Licensing Info

Did you know that most national sororities require their members to purchase only from licensed vendors? Be careful of companies not showing the Greek licensing label or not making mention of licensing. Most likely, they are bypassing the “system” and creating unlicensed items that put no money back into your sorority and the good you do.
JennaBenna is a licensed vendor through Greek Licensing. We work closely with Greek Licensing to choose appropriate product designs that utilize the official colors and logos of each participating Greek organization and to provide exceptional service to their customers.
The Greek organizations represented adamantly oppose any product or design that attempts to glorify alcohol, hazing, sexism, racism, or any other image that conflicts with each Greek organization's mission. We agree and know you do too!!
Members are REQUIRED to purchase all custom decorated merchandise from licensed vendors.
We have been licensed since we started back in 2006 and give back a percentage of your purchase to your sorority!! Buying from JennaBenna is a win win for all!