About us

When I was a little girl, you could find me and my wagon having a mobile garage sale through my neighborhood or on any given day, setting up a store to sell my toys to my two sisters. I was born with an entrepreneurial spirit and just never knew how to set it free.

When my husband and I found out we were expecting our first born, we both decided that staying home was the most economical and beneficial thing for our growing family, however, it came with a caveat.....make money while you stay home! While walking around the neighborhood with a newborn pulling a mobile garage sale wasn't a viable option, I set out to make it work.

With zero experience with websites, in 2005, I took my nickname, bought a matching domain and taught myself how to create a website. Between nursing my little one and changing diapers, I added products to the site and learned how to run an ecommerce store. I thought about my days in a sorority and how the feeling of running an office or raising money from a philanthropy fundraiser, or just strength in numbers when your sisters were around and turned that into JennaBenna. 

I remembered how empowered I felt when I took the step from working for someone to working for myself and remember that feeling still to this day as it is what keeps me going. My goal with JennaBenna is always to provide our customers with a great product, but it's also to show women feeling marginalized, unimportant, powerless, whatever it might be...that you can DO IT. You can take your dream and make it happen.

It WILL be scary and stressful but when you accomplish what others thought you couldn't, it makes it all worthwhile. Now...three kids and a pretty cool minivan later, my goal is to take this passion and ultimately use JennaBenna as the vehicle for making this possible for other women.

I want JennaBenna to fuel a movement of women empowering themselves and doing better than the people they encounter think they can and taking this confidence and making a positive impact on their friends, their family and the world!

Jenna Dunaway


A Little Bit About Us! With so many bargain and discount sorority clothing sites on the internet, it was hard to find apparel that wasn't cheaply made or "worth the money".

With a love for fashion, custom apparel and "high end" shopping, JennaBenna was created to provide a Sorority Letter shopping experience like no other. We aren't a bargain store and don't mass produce letters sitting on a shelf waiting to be purchased.

We custom make Couture Sorority Apparel and offer our customers only the finest products and fabrics. Since all of the work is done in house and hand crafted by our designers, you receive products that will be with you through the remainder of your time as an active member.

We do not send our work out or purchase it from another company. We take each order and handle it as if it was our own using the best machines and finest products to create something for you that you will be able to treasure forever! Many of our customers pass down their letters when they graduate and the recipients are excited to receive a "JennaBenna Original"!

We have been there and we understand! As members of sororities when we were in college, we have received our Little last moment, we have stressed over finding the perfect letters for recruitment and have purchased an extra pair of letters just to match those favorite shorts we just found! We have been in your shoes and that is why JennaBenna is so special to us.

Jenna, our Founder and President, is dedicated to making JennaBenna the ultimate brand for Couture Sorority Apparel and we are so happy you have decided to wear JennaBenna & Co letters! Oh...and by the way...our staff is AMAZING here!

We come from all different walks of life, shapes, sizes, color and beliefs and that's what makes our team so incredible. Alone, we're just a bunch of random women, but together...we make one heck of a team. Your JennaBenna apparel isn't just made by random people working just to work, we're a group of empowered women (yes, its all ladies here folks) who love what we do and are empowered doing it.

We fix the machines, we run the presses and we show those haters out there who is BOSS!!!! JennaBenna is a special tribe and were destined to do some really great things!