Twill Fabrics

No Sorority Jerseys Or Fraternity Jersey Is Complete Without Will Fabric Letters, Twill Fabric Numbers or Your Greek Letters. Let JennaBenna Create the perfect sorority shirt using our twill fabric. Twill looks so classic and sharp when you layer two layers together and is a simple yet strong way to show off your chapter colors. We love the crisp feel and look of the slight sheen that this classic fabric gives off and love even more the versatility the colors give when you are looking to customize your next set of block stitch letters. Your sorority shirt will shine when you use this great fabric. Please note that all colors might appear differently depending on the screen or monitory you are viewing this on. If you have ANY questions, please just contact us and we can tell you if your fabrics match!

aqua-f.jpg black-f.jpg brown-f.jpg cardinal-red-f.jpg charcoal-twill.jpg columbniazz-blue-f.jpg cream-f.jpg cyan-good-one.jpg dark-coral-f.jpg dark-mink-f.jpg gold-twill-erplace.jpg graph11ite-f.jpg greek-pink-f.jpg greynn-b.jpg hunter-green.jpg kelly-green.jpg lavender-corrected.jpg light-coral-f2.jpg light-mint-f.jpg light-pink-better-f.jpg lime-f.jpg maize-f.jpg maroon-fab.jpg metallic-aqua-f.jpg  metallic-blue-f2.jpg metallic-copper-f.jpg metallic-gold-f.jpg metallic-green-f2.jpg nnnn.jpg metallic-pearl-f.jpg metallic-pink-f.jpg metallic-purple-twill.jpg metallic-red-f.jpg metallic-rouge-f.jpg metallic-silver-f-lighter.jpg namvy-f.jpg neon-orange.jpg neon-pink.jpg neon-yellow.jpg old-ngold-f.jpg orangnne-f.jpg  purple-f.jpg red-r-edone-f.jpg royal-mblue.jpg shark-teanl-f-best.jpg sky-blue-f.jpg tan.jpg tennessee-orange-f.jpg vegas-gold-f.jpg whaite-twill.jpg

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