There Is Nothing Better Than A Cozy Sorority Sweatshirt Complete With Your Sorority Letters

Wouldn't you agree that a soft and cozy sweatshirt can make everything better. JennaBenna has a huge selection of custom sorority sweatshirt options so that you can create something that totally matches your style. A soft crewneck is such a great option for days when you just need to stay warm in class or that emergency trip to Starbucks.

A crewneck sweatshirt is a classic look and Greek lettered sweatshirts are a classic sorority style. A Sorority Lettered Sweatshirt allows you to show off your letters while maybe wearing something less sorority underneath. It’s a great addition to your library study session because let’s be honest, I've never been in a library that was above about 60 degrees!

If you are more into hoodies, then get ready to be warm and cozy at the same time. Hoodie sweatshirts are great for colder climates in that you can pull up that hood and keep your ears and neck warm. An interesting fact about hoodie, the former president of Champion athletic-wear stated adding hoods to their crewneck sweatshirts back in 1934 as a way for employees that worked outside and in cold storage to have something warmer than their long underwear. It took off so well that they immediately became the go to piece of apparel for high school and college athletes. All these years later, Champion remains the “champion” of hoodies and sweatshirts and we are proud to carry their products!

Customizing your sorority hoodie or sorority sweatshirt is easy with JennaBenna. Just pick your top and bottom fabric from our over 1500 choices and then add extra customization like letters or numbers on the back, your embroidered crest or monogram. The sky is the limit and we look forward to keeping you warm and cozy!

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