Let JennaBenna Help You Create The Perfect Sorority Lettered Shirt

Your Greek Letters are special. Custom letter shirts are a representation of who you are as well as the sorority you belong to. You may be buying your sorority letters for yourself, a gift for your new big/little or as your first letters after initiation.

Regardless, JennaBenna offers you the greatest selection of sorority tees and T-shirts for your letters.

Ready to fill up your wardrobe with custom letter shirts? Well, we offer many sorority tees and T-shirts including Sorority V-necks and Sorority Crew Necks. These shirts are made by the largest and most recognizable shirt manufactures on the market and will be the perfect apparel for your beautiful sorority letters. 

Having a hard time picking which shirt to purchase and more of a visual person....check out our Perfect Combinations and take the guesswork out of creating your custom Greek lettered apparel!

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