A Fraternity Polo Or Sorority Polo Is A Fancy Way To Show Off Your Letters!

Yes, we have all seen it....the moments when you begrudgingly have to get out of your "comfy clothes" and get fixed up for a formal event or function. Thankfully, we offer Greek polo shirts for those moments. A monogrammed collared shirt is a fantastic way to dress up your look while still staying comfortable and cool. 

Our Greek polo shirts all come complete with your letters or Greek Crest and extra monograms and embroidery is always an option. We have outfitted hundreds of sororities over the United States with our Sorority Polos giving them a polished and uniform look for recruitment. We offer many different styles and fits depending on your needs.

Does you sorority need a uniform look for recruitment and want their names and sorority symbol embroidered on the chest? Monogrammed collared shirts are perfect, and we do all the work right here in our facility, so the sky is the limit as to what we can do.

We have even done small sorority fabric letters on the chest for a truly one of a kind Greek polo shirt.

Don't see the polo you want, just let us know and we can track it down for you! Want matching monogrammed collared shirts for you and your new little sister? We can do that and make them truly one of a kind treasures that you will wear for years to come!

Did you know that JennaBenna even offers corporate and business apparel though our corporate company, 3Orange apparel?

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