Are you crafty? Do you like to take on a project and make it your own? Maybe you are looking to save a little money and use a product you have on hand. Want to decorate your dorm room with Greek letters? Well, JennaBenna has just the thing for you. We now offer our favorite combinations as DIY Greek letters. These individual Greek letters are the perfect way to dress up your favorite project or gift. 

JennaBenna DIY Greek Letters are sold individually and are individually packaged with instructions. We use an industrial backing that is very sticky but for permanent adhesion on cloth products we suggest sewing them down. 

Letters are available individually in a double layer  4"'x4" size.

We call these Iron On Letters however, we do suggest that the only way to "iron" them on is with a commercial heat press iron device. If you do have have access to this, we do recommend sewing them down!

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