Exclusive Sigma Kappa Fabric


Found on November 9, 1874, Sigma Kappa was founded by five women at Colby College. Since the founding there has been over 165,000 members initiated worldwide!

Colby College was the first college in New England to allow women, and the first female was Mary Caffrey Low Carver. Two years after she was admitted, four more women came to the school. The five of them together formed a literacy and social society! Just a few years into the process, Sigma Kappa was finally founded by these ladies.

Sigma Kappa has worked to help aid the Marine Sea Coast Mission, and has also supported research for Alzheimer's Disease. The two biggest philanthropy's that Sigma Kappa is associated with are The Walk to End Alzheimer's, and Ultra Violet.

Make sure to plan ahead and get your JennaBenna Sigma Kappa Founder’s Day sorority shirt before November 9 so that you can join in the celebration of the sorority's fall founding.

Flower: The official flower of Sigma Kappa is a wild purple violet.

Colors: The official colors of Sigma Kappa are maroon and lavender.

Jewel: The official jewel of Sigma Kappa is the pearl.

Symbol: The official symbol of Sigma Kappa is a dove and heart.

Motto: The official motto of Sigma Kappa is “One Heart, One Way".

Membership: Sigma Kappa has an estimated 165,000 members and 124 chapters across the United States.