Exclusive Sigma Delta Tau Fabric


Founded at Cornell University on March 25, Sigma Delta Tau (formally Sigma Delta Phi) came about by seven Jewish women. However, this sorority does not have any religious requirement and prides themselves as accepting all, even those who are historically Jewish.

The Sigma Delta Tau Foundation became an official philanthropic partner in 2017. It helps to empower sisters to grow through scholarship opportunities, educational programs, and charities.

There is more than $3 million donated to Sigma Delta Tau's partner, Prevent Child Abuse America. In additional each chapter hosts annual projects, programs and fund raisers to benefit this organization, They are also partnered with Jewish Women International.

Make sure to plan ahead and get your JennaBenna Sigma Delta Tau Founder’s Day sorority shirt before March 25 so that you can join in the celebration of the sorority's spring founding.

Flower: The official flower of Sigma Delta Tau is a golden tea rose.

Colors: The official colors of Sigma Delta Tau are cafe au lait and old blue.

Jewel: The official jewel of Sigma Delta Tau is a lapis Lazuli.

Symbol: The official symbol of Sigma Delta Tau is a torch.

Motto: The official motto of Sigma Delta Tau is “One Hope of Many People"

Membership: Sigma Delta Tau has an estimated 70,000 members and 105 chapters across the United States.