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Founded 151 years ago on April 28, 1867, Pi Beta Phi was the first national college sorority of women to be created after the men's Greek fraternity. There are now well over 200 chapters since it's founding all over the U.S. and Canada!

Regarded as the first women's fraternity known nationally, Pi Beta Phi began with 12 students of Monmouth College. These women wished to enjoy benefits collegiate men did, so they started the secret society. Initially, the name chosen was I.C. Sorosis and the motto was Pi Beta Phi, and later, the official name changed to Pi Beta Phi.

Pi Beta Phi has numerous philanthropy programs. As for the educational and cultural side, Pi Beta Phi Settlement School was opened back in 1912 in a rural area to provide health care, economic opportunity and education. Arrowcraft Shop also was opened to provide local craftspeople with a place to sell their products. There are then four literacy philanthropies Pi Beta Phi is affiliated with, and they are: Arrow in the Arctic, Champions Are Readers, Read Across America and First Book.

Make sure to plan ahead and get your JennaBenna Pi Beta Phi Founder’s Day sorority shirt before April 28 so that you can join in the celebration of the fraternity's spring founding.

Flower: The official flower of Pi Beta Phi is a white carnation.

Colors: The official colors of Pi Beta Phi are wine and silver blue.

Jewel: The official jewel of Pi Beta Phi are (none!)

Symbol: The official symbol of Pi Beta Phi is an arrow.

Motto: The official motto of Pi Beta Phi is (none!)

Membership: Pi Beta Phi has an estimated 300,000 members and 208 chapters across the United States.