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Founded on October 13, 1870, Kappa Kappa Gamma began at the Monmouth College in Illinois. It began before the founding of the term "sorority" came about, so it was still referred to as a fraternity at this time. Two students of the school, Mary Louise Bennett, and Hannah Jeannette Boyd formed the organization since women had very few organizations for support and companionship, and rather, limited to literary societies.

Bennett and Boyd recruited three more female students to the new founding fraternity, and from there they worked from the ground up to form the very first chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma (later known as the Alpha Chapter). Almost 150 years later, Kappa Kappa Gamma has grown to have over 260,000 members all over the U.S. and even Canada!

Kappa Kappa Gamma had a three-part program called "Philanthropy 1-2-3". The first branch supports the Kappa Family, all funding for educational purposes and even emergency financial aid for sisters. The second branch helps the community and charities by chapters volunteering in their region. The third is their partner Reading is Fundamental (RIF). RIF helps to promote literacy in children.

Make sure to plan ahead and get your JennaBenna Kappa Kappa Gamma Founder’s Day sorority shirt before October 13 so that you can join in the celebration of the fraternity's fall founding.

Flower: The official flower of Kappa Kappa Gamma is the Fleur-de-Lis

Colors: The official colors of Kappa Kappa Gamma are dark blue and white blue

Jewel: The official jewel of Kappa Kappa Gamma is the sapphire.

Symbol: The official symbol of Kappa Kappa Gamma is a key, fleur-de-lis and an owl

Motto: The official motto of Kappa Kappa Gamma is “Dream Boldly, Live Fully."

Membership: Kappa Kappa Gamma has an estimated 260,000 members and 143 chapters across the United States.