Exclusive Delta Zeta Fabric


Founded on October 24, 1902, Delta Zeta is an international sorority with 160 collegiate chapters in the U.S. and Canada, and well over 200 alumnae chapters. It is the third largest sorority in the nation with over 244,400 college and alumnae members!

1902 was a big year for Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. It was the first year female students were allowed to the university! This same year, six new female students founded Delta Zeta with a little aid from university president, Dr. Guy Potter Benton (who was a former leader in the Phi Delta Theta fraternity). These ladies were harassed for wanting to form a sorority, one student trying to steal the constitution from the secretary! With avail Dr. Benton went after the offender and saved the constitution.

The Delta Zeta creed states, "To those whom my life may touch in slight measure, may I gave graciously of what is mine". A wonderful recognition of the important of service to their philanthropy of speech and hearing. Delta Zeta is partnered with both the Starkey Hearing Foundation and Gallaudet University, while many individual chapters also support the local organizations where they live.

Make sure to plan ahead and get your JennaBenna Delta Zeta Founder’s Day sorority shirt before October 24 so that you can join in the celebration of the sorority's fall founding.

Flower: The official flower of Delta Zeta is a pink killarney rose.

Colors: The official colors of Delta Zeta are rose and green.

Jewel: The official jewel of Delta Zeta is the diamond.

Symbol: The official symbol of Delta Zeta is a roman lamp.

Motto: The official motto of Delta Zeta is “Behold the turtle, for it is only when he sticks his neck out will he get anywhere".

Membership: Delta Zeta has an estimated 244,400 members and 165 chapters across the United States.