Exclusive Chi Omega Fabric


 Founded on April 5, 1895, Chi Omega is the largest women's fraternity by membership. There are over 355,000 initiated members and over 28,000 undergraduates added every year!

Chi Omega was founded at the University of Arkansas by four women, and with the help from a Kappa Sigma member Dr. Charles Richardson. With Richardson's help, the fraternity was expanded to various schools, even making it to London, Ontario. By 1905, 10 years later, Chi Omega had a total of 17 chapters in the U.S.!

Chi Omega partnered with Make-A-Wish Foundation in 2002. Sisters across many chapters have since raised well over 19 million dollars since it's partnership!

Make sure to plan ahead and get your JennaBenna Chi Omega Founder’s Day sorority shirt before April 5 so that you can join in the celebration of the fraternity's spring founding.

The official flower of Chi Omega is a white carnation.

The official colors of Chi Omega are cardinal and straw.

The official jewels of Chi Omega are the pearl and diamond.
The official symbol of Chi Omega is the skull and crossbones.
The official motto of Chi Omega is “Hellenic Culture & Christian Ideals".
Chi Omega has an estimated 355,000 members and 181 chapters across the United States.