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See Our Beautiful Lilly Fabrics!
Please note, when viewing our Lilly Pulitzer Fabric that the photos we show you are of a large span of the fabric.
The top fabric on your letters are approximately 1" wide so, please take that into consideration when looking at the print.
Many times, Lilly Pulitzer Greek letters will look different based on where they are cut and this gives your shirt the true one of a kind look and feel.
Also note that all monitors and screens will show colors differently so, please contact us with any questions to confirm colors and prints prior to placing your order as all orders are final.
We do our best to cut the letters to show Lilly Pulitzer sorority prints as best as possible.
Since our products are NOT returnable or exchangeable, please ask all questions prior to ordering. We love to help you pick the best combinations and please let us help you if you have a question to ensure your shirt is exactly what you are looking for
Some of the Lilly Pulitzer Greek letters are made of a more delicate silk/cashmere blend and require gentle washing. Care instruction cards will be included in your package for orders with these prints. They are marked accordingly below.

Please note, in some cases pictures may not be to scale as a result of the need to show the larger overall pattern or more detail in the fabric. Please contact us with any questions prior to ordering as due to the custom nature of our Lilly Pulitzer Greek letters, they are NOT returnable and NON refundable. 

Please keep in mind that we get our Lilly Pulitzer sorority prints in limited quantities and there is no guarantee that they will be restocked once they run out. Designer fabrics are often retired and only available for a short time. This often adds to the exclusiveness of the print and makes your letters that much more special!




Note – JennaBenna & Co., LLC is not affiliated with Vera Bradley or Lilly Pulitzer and we in no way imitate, produce or reproduce their beautiful patterns.

adios-patchz.jpg all-nighterz.jpg atlantisz.jpg bahama-mamaz.jpg belle-of-lillyvillez.jpg berry-butterfliesz.jpg beverly-hills-bubblyz.jpg black-flower-marketz.jpg blackjackz.jpg blue-coral-c.jpg blue-crab-corr.jpg blue-croissantz.jpg blue-dirty-shirliez.jpg blue-eyed-girlz.jpg blue-kiss-the-cookz.jpg blue-strawberriesz.jpg blue-under-the-palmsz.jpg bocciz.jpg bolikini-blue.jpg bowl-patchz.jpg brazilian-avenue.jpg bright-navy-entouragez.jpg bright-navy-sparks-fly.jpg call-me-kitty.jpg cameo-white-sweet-nothingsz.jpg casa-bananaz.jpg cat-walkin-2.jpg chilean-avenuec.jpg chillinc.jpg chin-chin.jpg chomp-chompc.jpg cote-de-azurec.jpg court-patchc.jpg cozy-posiesc.jpg croc-monsieurcgg.jpg crystal-coastc.jpg cuba-librec.jpg derby-patchc.jpg diamond-head-patchc.jpg doodle-bug-daisyc.jpg dreamweaverc.jpg dreamyc.jpg feelin-sparksc.jpg fishing-for-complimentsc.jpg flutterflyc.jpg forgot-my-trunksc.jpg four-squarec.jpg french-friedc.jpg fresh-pick.jpg garden-by-the-sea.jpg garden-vista-bluec.jpg garden-vista-whitec.jpg get-crackinc.jpg getaway-gardenc.jpg green-and-blue-fishc.jpg green-hit-the-spotc.jpg green-under-the-palmsc.jpg hail-to-the-queenc.jpg hanky-pankyc.jpg happiest-hour-patchc.jpg hearts-a-flutterc.jpg hibiscus-pink-dandelionc.jpg hidden-garden-greenc.jpg hidden-garden-pinkc.jpg hollyhock-gigic.jpg i-herd-youc.jpg ice-cream-socialc.jpg illuminationc.jpg in-the-beginningc.jpg its-a-zooc.jpg jellies-be-jamminc.jpg jubilee-toilec.jpg juice-barc.jpg juice-standc.jpg junk-in-the-truck-better.jpg just-a-little-buzzed-c.jpg just-add-lemon-c.jpg lady-look-c.jpg laffy-taffy-c.jpg les-monkeys-c.jpg little-master-of-the-house.jpg loves-coral-right-size.jpg low-riders-c.jpg lucky-in-love-c.jpg lulu-c.jpg maitai-c.jpg make-a-splash-c.jpg mariposa-c.jpg mary-mary-c.jpg mimosa-c.jpg mini-fly-by-patch-c.jpg misner-patch-2-decide-which-is-best.jpg molikini-blue-corr.jpg molikini-orange-c.jpg mommy-and-me-c.jpg monarchs-pink-c.jpg multi-bam-patch-c.jpg multi-carry-on-patch-c.jpg multi-clam-jam-c.jpg multi-elephant-ears-c.jpg multi-fun-patchj.jpg multi-jungle-jam-c.jpg multi-lolli-c.jpg multi-pool-patch2.jpg multi-princess-patch-c.jpg multi-wish-wash-c.jpg neon-southern-pink.jpg nibbles-c.jpg palm-reader-blue.jpg palm-reader-pink-c.jpg palm-beach-gossip-corr.jpg  party-patch-c.jpg patch-of-paradise-c.jpg patchtastic-corrected.jpg peanut-island-c.jpg petal-patch-c.jpg pink-10-speed-c.jpg pink-and-green-tile-c.jpg pink-cabana-c.jpg pink-coronado-crab-c.jpg pink-daisies-c.jpg pink-lillies-c.jpg pink-loopy-lilly-copy.jpg pink-me-beauty-copy.jpg pink-strawberries-copy.jpg pink-tiger-lilly.jpg pink-twirly-copy.jpg red-and-pink-buitterflies.jpg ring-my-bell-copy.jpg san-diego-zoo-copy.jpg sand-dollar-copy.jpg school-of-fish-corr.jpg scuba-monkey-copy.jpg seabreeze-birdi-correct.jpg seafood-salad-copy.jpg secret-garden-copy.jpg she-s-a-firecracker-copy.jpg she-s-a-fpx-.jpg shellabrate-copy.jpg shift-dress-copy.jpg shoo-fly-copy.jpg slat-house.jpg snappy-dragonfly-copy.jpg snow-bather-blue.jpg snow-bather-lemon-2.jpg alpha-delta-pic.jpg alpha-omicronss-pi.jpg alpha-phibjhbj.jpg  chi-omnjega.jpg delta-delta-dejjlta.jpg delta-gamma-sor.jpg delta-zeta-with-sor.jpg kappa-alphanm-theta.jpg kappa-deltaj.jpg kappa-kappa-kug-gamma.jpg phi-mubn.jpg pi-beta-phikj.jpg sigma-kappnbma.jpg south-bell-copy.jpg spike-the-punch-copy.jpg spring-break-copy.jpg starboard-copy.jpg stargazer-copy.jpg state-of-mind-patch-copy.jpg stuffed-shells-copy.jpg summer-fling-copy.jpg summer-hours.jpg sun-bather-copy.jpg sunny-sidez.jpg surf-patchz.jpg teed-offz.jpg tide-poolsz.jpg tie-the-knotz.jpg tip-toe-bluez.jpg tip-toe-pinkz.jpg toucan.jpg trophy-patchz.jpg turquoise-kiss-upz.jpg turtle-soupz.jpg uncontainablez.jpg wave-a-blue-minute.jpg waves-and-fishz.jpg what-a-racquet-2.jpg what-the-shell.jpg whats-your-signz.jpg white-cabanazaaa.jpg white-citronzbn.jpg white-king-cnrab.jpg white-leopard-loungexxz.jpg white-pick-up-lionz.jpg white-shell-yeahz.jpg white-wave-runningz.jpg window-shoppingz.jpg winners-circlez.jpg worth-avenuez.jpg written-in-the-starsz.jpg zoo-patchz.jpg

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