Lilly Fabric Quilt Squares

We know you have asked for Lilly Fabric for a long time and we are so happy to finally offer it you for purchase. While it is still not available in the form of yardage, we think these Lilly quilt fabric squares will make such a nice addition to your keepsake sorority quilt, your big little project, a dorm room craft or just about anything. The signature pinks and greens pair so nicely with your keepsake quilt or craft project. We think that the sky is the limit as to what you can do with these generously sized 5" x 5" fabric quilt squares.  Pair this with a set of matching sorority letters in the same pattern and make the ultimate big little gift!

When creating a basket for your new little, it is great to add in a lot of matching pieces and items. We highly suggest taking some of this fabric and creating your own craft....maybe add to a sorority paddle or make a cute bulletin board. Then, create a matching set of letters that you can add to the basket. Your new little sister will love what you come up with when you get creative!

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