The Ultimate Greek Tradition, The Sorority Jersey

The Sorority Jersey is a classic. It is something that everyone has and will keep for years to come. Sorority jerseys are a symbol of your sisterhood and a way to show others the love you have for your sorority. Originating from our bothers in Fraternities, sororities have adopted this classic look and it has become a staple piece of sorority apparel.

At JennaBenna, we are one of the few remaining companies to offer the classic sorority jersey. This is because these jerseys are custom made to order. Due to the endless possibilities of jersey and cuff colors, custom Greek jerseys must all be made to order and are not a cheap product. We have a personal relationship with our manufacturer and are able to continue to offer this classic jersey to you. 

We also offer a more contemporary jersey, the "JennaBenna Modern Fit Sorority Jersey" which doesn't have the bagginess under the arms like the classic jersey has and gives you a more modern and fitted look while still offering the great colored cuff option.

In addition to the Classic Greek Jersey and The Modern Fit Sorority Jersey, we also offer some great long sleeve, v neck, vintage and classic jersey styles. These custom Greek jerseys are great options for chapter letters and recruitment and look good on everyone in the house.

Our Sorority Jersey collection is one of a kind.....just like JennaBenna!

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