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Happy National Bubble Gum Day

Posted by Jenna on 1st Feb 2019

Did you know that today is "National Bubble Gum Day"? I can't say it popped up on my iPhone calendar but I did see a few messages about it on my Facebook feed from my dentist. Did you know that che … read more

Famous Sorority Women | JennaBenna Apparel

Posted by Jenna Dunaway on 21st Aug 2017

We seem to hear lots of negative news regarding Greek life these days, but we all know how Sorority life truly prepares you to be a leader! Did you know that 85% of Fortune 500 executives were pa … read more

Galaxy Fabrics For Sorority Apparel and Greek Letters

21st Aug 2017

Who doesn't love the look of a unique and mesmerizing galaxy print? JennaBenna now offers 13 unique galaxy fabric patterns exclusively designed by JennaBenna!!!! You will not find these prin … read more

Custom Designed Sorority Fabric | JennaBenna Apparel

Posted by JennaBenna on 21st Aug 2017

Do you want a fabric that has your special symbols or colors in it? Want a fabric that has your family or house colors in or maybe your letters scattered around with your chapter flower or jewel? H … read more

JennaBenna Spotlight | JennaBenna Sorority Apparel

21st Aug 2017

Here is JennaBenna & Co’s very first Customer of The Week… Mattie McAfee! We are so happy to share all of her favorite things with all of our favorite customers! Read below for all her fun answers … read more

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