Happy National Bubble Gum Day From JennaBenna Sorortiy

Posted by Jenna on 1st Feb 2019

Did you know that today is "National Bubble Gum Day"? I can't say it popped up on my iPhone calendar but I did see a few messages about it on my Facebook feed from my dentist. Did you know that che … read more

Picking the perfect sorority shirt Part 2

Posted by Jenna on 21st Aug 2017

So, by now, you have hopefully gotten a better understanding of the various fits we have when it comes to our apparel at JennaBenna & Co. If you have narrowed it down to a few shirts and now you a … read more

Choosing A Perfect Sorority Shirt When Buying Greek Letters

Posted by Jenna on 21st Aug 2017

Are You Ready To Buy A Sorority Shirt? We know, the choices can be overwhelming and the terminology is sometimes confusing…top fabric, bottom fabric, stitching and sizing. We here at JennaBenn … read more

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