Happy National Bubble Gum Day From JennaBenna Sorortiy

Posted by Jenna on 1st Feb 2019

Did you know that today is "National Bubble Gum Day"? I can't say it popped up on my iPhone calendar but I did see a few messages about it on my Facebook feed from my dentist. Did you know that chewing sugar free gum can actually help PREVENT cavities! While you might not get the biggest bubble with that stick of sugar free mint gum, you at least know you are doing good for your teeth.

National BubbleGum Day was started as a fundraiser for various schools and all the great charities they support. Schools would allow students to chew gum in class for a minimal fee and the money went to their charities. 

At JennaBenna, we love the colors of gumballs and offer products in all the great pinks, purples and blues. We even have a perfect combo that is bubblegum pink! Check it out here

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