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21st Aug 2017

Here is JennaBenna & Co’s very first Customer of The Week… Mattie McAfee! We are so happy to share all of her favorite things with all of our favorite customers! Read below for all her fun answers:

Name: Mattie McAfee
School: The University of Tennessee at Martin
Sorority: Alpha Delta Pi

1.) What is your Favorite JennaBenna & Co Fabric/Twill Combination?
The Ronald McDonald House fabric is my absolute favorite! It represents my sorority’s philanthropy and reminds me of how blessed I am to get to help people who stay in the Ronald McDonald House.

2.) Who is your BIGGEST Role Model?
My biggest role model is my sister, Molly. She’s been there since day one taking care of me and my brothers growing up. Being the oldest has been stressful but she doesn’t show it and she has been everything and more I could ever ask for in a sister.

3.) Where is your favorite place that you have ever been?
Fayetteville, AR is hands down my favorite place. It’s extremely beautiful at any time of the year and it’s home of the Arkansas Razorbacks! Woo Pig Sooie!

4.) What is your favorite Greek event (example: Initiation, Rush, Big/Little, Lip Sync, etc)
My favorite Greek event is homecoming week. It’s filled with many activities that bring the Greek community together. I love getting to cheer on my sisters and help local philanthropy’s.

4.) What made you want to go Greek?
I wanted to go Greek since literally the 8th grade and by the 10th grade I could throw up almost any sorority hand sign. Some members of my family went Greek and they told me the great experiences and connections they made because of Greek life. I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself. Greek life has molded me into a better person and has helped me figure out who I really am and has set high expectations for me. Philanthropy was a big part of going Greek as well and I connected to ADPi because I knew people who have stayed in the Ronald McDonald House.

5.) What is your Major and what year are you?
I am currently a sophomore and I am majoring in Health and Human Performance with a concentration in Exercise Science and Wellness. I plan on becoming an Athletic Trainer.

6.) What has been your favorite memory since you have gone Greek?
My favorite memory in going Greek is making that special bond with sisters. I love being able to text or call my big sister with any questions or just to talk. She’s made being in a sorority a great experience so far and I know I picked a great big sister.

7.) What has been your favorite item you have gotten from Jenna Benna?
The Ronald McDonald House stitch letter is my absolute favorite item I’ve received from Jenna Benna.

8.) What is your favorite song on the radio right now?
That’s a tough one! Anything from Florida Georgia Line is my favorite! They don’t have a bad song! It all reminds me of summer, which is my favorite season!

9.) What is your favorite food?
My favorite food is either steak or BBQ. I was definitely raised in the south!

10.) What is your sorority family mascot?
Alpha Delta Pi’s sorority mascot is a lion! The best kind of animal there is! (And also the cutest!)

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