Glitter Flake Greek Letters Sorority Graduation Stole With 1 Customized Item

Glitter Flake Greek Letters Sorority Graduation Stole With 1 Customized Item

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Get Your Sorority Graduation Stole In Time For Graduation!

A wonderful way to show off your letters at graduation and look fantastic when you are up on stage receiving your diploma as trust me, the light is going to catch this glitter and heads are going to turn! This beautiful double color satin stole features your Greek letters in our super popular glitter flake (like vinyl but much thicker, sparklier and permanently adhered) along with ONE extra item of customization. You can choose from sorority crests, sorority embroidered symbols, class of and much more! You can also add customization to the back of the stole for an extra $10 


Each stole is made to order, however, we do carry some color combinations in stock. Please check with us if you are in a time crunch. We can try to find an in stock stole that might work for you and save you from going stole-less for pictures or at graduation! Note that the items shown on any of our stoles are just examples and we reserve the right to change size and fonts to work best on your particular stole and chosen layout. If you want anything specific, please let us know in the comments section as stoles are NOT returnable or exchangeable.

Stoles can take 10 BUSINESS DAYS TO BE MADE. That does not count Saturdays or Sundays. You also need to add in our time to customize and 2-4 days after that for shipping. Order early and give yourself one less thing to worry about.

Finally, the placement of custom items you see in the photos are just suggestions. We do all the work on these in house so we can put your items in any order or placement you like. Again, email us, text us or chat with us and we can help you figure it all out!!

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