Glitter Flake Fabrics

This selection of glitter flake pattern fabrics is stunning and will give your letters such an upgraded, sparkle look! Glitter sorority letter fabric is perfect for house letters and pair it with a more formal look for events and recruitment. A great way to show school spirit too!

Glitter flake is a stunning material to use when you are looking to upgrade your letters for new members on bid day or for an upgraded, more formal shirt for Recruitment. Imagine a set of rose gold glitter sorority letters! These pair perfectly with you jewelry and look for your special event.



blackvgg.jpg blubbe.jpg blue-aqua-glitytyr-fl.jpg bright-pink-c.jpg bronze.jpg celery-best.jpg dark-silver.jpg gold-c-best-i-htink.jpg goldilocks-for-sure.jpg holigram-gold-c.jpg holigram-light-silver-c.jpg holigram-silver.jpg jade-c3.jpg kelly-green-c-best-ever.jpg lavender-c-best-ever.jpg lemon-best-now.jpg light-blue-again.jpg light-orchid-c-2.jpg magenta-c-2.jpg mint-glitterflake.jpg navy-2-more-sparkel.jpg  orange-just-taken-and-great.jpg purple-best-of-all.jpg red-best-c-ever.jpg silver-c-2-best.jpg tangerine-c.jpg  

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