Rainbow Tie Dye Unisex Crewneck Tank Top + Black Glitter Flake - Sorority Apparel

Rainbow Tie Dye Unisex Crewneck Tank Top + Black Glitter Flake

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Product: Tie Dye Unisex Crewneck Tank Top (PC147TT)

Product Color: Rainbow

Top Fabric: Glitter Flake - Black

Bottom Fabric: White Twill


Are You Groovy? The Dictionary Proves You Are!

Bring groovy is not a bad thing. In fact the dictionary defines "Groovy" as being fashionable, trendy and hip... did you know that? I just thought being groovy meant you drove around in a VW Bus so that just tells you how hip I am. 

Essentially, this definition means if you are shopping at JennaBenna, then you are totally groovy because you wouldn't be here on this site right now (and side note, thanks for being here by the way) if you weren't someone with some amazing taste, someone who likes high end sorority apparel and appreciates looking their best while wearing your sorority letters! You ARE groovy! So, take your grooviness to a whole new level with this 100% Cotton tie dye sorority shirt. 

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