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Greek Letter Subscription Box - 2 Monthly Deliveries

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Welcome To The Newest Trend For Greek Letters!! We Deliver Our Signature Letters Straight To You And Every Box Is Surprise!

Want to try out our Greek Letter Subscription Box? Want to give the ultimate gift to a sister, new member or new little that loves to craft and then maybe one for you too? Then this delivery for two months is for you.

This product is for two deliveries and includes shipping. You can specify when you want each of them shipped and where to send them so giving this as a gift and keeping one for you is easy!!! 

Terms: Subscription and/or individual boxes are not returnable, refundable or exchangeable. There is no guarantee as to fabrics that will come with the box unless there is a theme that is stated for your particular box. All boxes will be coordinated in terms of colors so that a complete project can be completed with the letters provided. Letters are sold as individual letters. Price includes shipping and coupon codes do not apply to subscriptions 

Letters and fabrics shown in the photo are for example purposes only. Each Letter Box includes up to THREE Greek letters and the price is the same whether you choose one, two or three letters.

Your subscription will ship on the first of the month you are to receive a box so, any address changes must be made at least 10 DAYS prior to the first of the month. Therefore, if you have a seasonal subscription and move home for the summer, you will be required to let us know of any address change at least 10 days before your next shipment or we will use the address on file. 

All subscription boxes come with detailed instructions for application.

The 2" letters are vinyl which can be applied to cups, mirrors, glass, plastic,etc. They will arrive individually with a carrier sheet attached. You are responsible for application and spacing if you choose to put them together. 

The 3" letters are iron on vinyl which can be applied to any regular vinyl surface as well as ironed down on cloth, clothing, etc. These do not require a commercial heat press and can be applied using your household iron. 

The 4" letters are double layer fabric/twill letters and have an adhesive backing. They require the use of a commercial heat press for permanent adhesion to cloth/clothing. They can stick to any flat/hard surface but we highly recommend stitching them down if you will be putting them on cloth/clothing. These are the same letters we use on our products so the best finished look involves sewing them down.