New Memphis Sorority Fabric Exclusively From JennaBenna

You can count on JennaBenna to stay ahead of the current trends and bring you exclusive patterns for your sorority letters!

You might not have ever thought about it before, but staying ahead of the trend is an important job when it comes to creating custom fabric for sorority letters! We decided a long time ago to quit only offering fabrics found in your local craft stores, like most sorority apparel companies do. Yes, it's super easy that way, but it limits your offerings to trends that apply to quilt making and crafting. We think that your sorority lettered apparel should follow current fashion trends not crafting trends!! Therefore, we hired designers (that actually work for some HUGE name brands you would absolutely have in your closet designing fabric patterns for them too) and have them designing custom patterns for JennaBenna that are on trend and utilizing the hottest themes and colors.

The Memphis design has a definite 80s aesthetic with bright colors and lots of geometric shapes and lines. This isn’t a new trend by any means, it is one of those simple yet stunning concepts that has come back around again. It is a funk style with a definite modern look that has a history in textiles.

This hot trend originated in the 1980s with a collection of Italian interior designers aptly named the “Memphis Group”. You might also know this style for its other names…pop art, art deco and 80s retro.

Most recently, Memphis designs have been seen on runways and in fashion shows both overseas and here in the US so, we know that your Greek letters will stun with this cutting-edge trend!

The Memphis style includes flat, vectorized styling in either muted pastels or bright, over the top neon colors. The designs include strokes and squiggly lines, shapes and bubbles.

So, we know you are going to LOVE our new collection of Memphis sorority specific dark and light colorways! Each sorority has a dark, more neon colorway and a light, pastel pattern for different styles of Greek letters. Don’t see your sorority here? We also offer this Memphis pattern under our Exclusive Pop Art Category of fabrics!

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