Add Vinyl Numbers to Back

Add Vinyl Numbers to Back

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Why not commemorate the year of your pledge class or show off your intramural number! This option is a great way to further customize your apparel and coordinates beautifully with the letters on the front! Follow these easy steps to add one or two 8" letters to the back of your custom creation!

1 - Select the product you want to place custom embroidery on and make sure it has been added to your cart. 

2 - Tell us which product in the cart this embroidery will be added to. Be as specific as possible if there is more than one item in your cart.

3 - Select the twill color you would like the numbers to be created with. We alwasy suggest using the same color you selected as the background twill for the letters you have on the front!

4 - Select the quantity of numbers you woudl like. We have a limit of two numbers.

5 - Specify the numbers you want to use

6 - Give us any additional information you may wish to have in the comments box.

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