3Orange Embroidery

JennaBenna has been leading the sorority apparel industry since 2005 with cutting edge equipment, visionary techniques and superior quality. We also offer these great qualities when it comes to making your own brand look stellar.  Let us put our attention to detail to work for you and outfit your brand, team and company with the finest in custom apparel. We are a full service embroidery, screen printing and promotional merchandise company too!

Why 3Orange? Well, we wanted to make it a little different than JennaBenna and 3 for the number of kids we have that have grown up pulling backing of of shirts, packaging products, stamping labels in our shirts and "playing" store at our headquarters. The orange comes from Orange county where we are headquartered as well as the blending of a Clemson Tiger and a Florida Gator....plus, we're rather fond of oranges since were from Florida and all :)

Need some new apparel, want to see your logo on a polo or just wanting to rebrand and need some help? Contact us today and let us know how we can help!

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