Polka Dot Fabrics


Please note, in some cases pictures may not be to scale as a result of the need to show the larger overall pattern or more detail in the fabric. Please contact us with any questions prior to ordering as due to the custom nature of our products, they are NOT returnable and NON refundable. 

Please keep in mind that we get our fabrics in limited quantities and there is no guarantee that they will be restocked once they run out. Designer fabrics are often retired and only available for a short time. This often adds to the exclusiveness of the print and makes your letters that much more special


black-dots-on-whitne.jpg gold-dots-on-black-ccc.jpg gold-dots-on-camo-green-ccc.jpg gold-on-pink-camo-ccc.jpg gold-dots-on-hot-pink-ccc.jpg gold-dots-on-white-ccc.jpg grapes-c.jpg j.-d.-dots.jpg lavender-dots-on-purple.jpg lime-dots-on-n-blue.jpg orelia-new-shinny1.jpg outlined-dots-in-blue-f.jpg outlined-dots-on-red.jpg pink-dots-on-brown.jpg red-dots-on-white-cc.jpg silver-dottttt-on-coral.jpg space-dots.jpg white-dots-on-black-cc.jpg white-dots-on-brown.jpg white-dots-on-charcoal-cc.jpg white-on-grassy-green-f.jpg white-dots-on-grey-cc.jpg white-dots-on-hot-pink-kk.jpg white-dots-on-iris-blue-cc.jpg white-on-kelly-green-cc.jpg white-dots-on-lavender-cc.jpg white-dots-on-light-blue-cc.jpg white-dots-on-light-pink-cc.jpg white-dots-on-lime-again-cc.jpg white-dots-on-navy-ccc.jpg white-dots-on-orange-ccc.jpg white-dots-on-pea-green-cc.jpg white-dots-on-purple-cc.jpg white-dots-on-red-cc.jpg white-dots-on-royal-cc.jpg white-dots-on-sky-blue.jpgwhite-dots-on-teal-cc.jpg white-odts-on-turquoise-ccc.jpg white-dots-on-yellow-cc.jpg
















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