Custom Designed Fabrics

Do you want a fabric that has your special symbols or colors in it? Want a fabric that has your family or house colors in or maybe your letters scattered around with your chapter flower or jewel? Have you been working on a design but don't know what to do with it?  Well then you have come to the right place!

We offer custom fabric either that you design or we design. Just submit your artwork for a proof and a quote on the fabric and for free, we will clean up your artwork, tweak the colors and scale and print your design onto you own custom fabric....just like the designers do!

Even better, we don't charge high design fees, screen or setup charges and our artists will review and tidy up your work for free (significant revisions will require additional fee).

Don't have a design but know what you want? We offer a reasonably priced design service where you provide us with the ideas and we provide you with the fabric! Easy as that and you are on your way to owning a truly CUSTOM and ONE OF A KIND set of letters! Better yet, we can even reserve your fabric just for you and your sisters or release it and list you as the designer.

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Terms and Conditions:

All submissions become property of JennaBenna & Co. Once an image has been converted into a JennaBenna fabric, you consent to the presentation of the image on our website and marketing materials, as well as the website and various social media channels. Selected images will be displayed with a first name, last initial, and sorority letters. There is no compensation for artwork submitted and or used for fabric prints.

JennaBenna & Co., LLC reserves the right to reject any submitted artwork. Photographs and artwork featuring any inappropriate material will be rejected. We respect the individual trademarks and copyrights of companies and WILL NOT reproduce or reprint copies of any fabrics, prints or patterns already owned by another company. If we see a close similarity we will help you create a unique pattern that falls within the parameters of these laws. JennaBenna & Co., LLC also reserves the right to reject images that clearly do not reflect the ideals or beliefs of Greek Life.